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Hire only licensed NM roofing contractors.

Want to avoid the roofing rip-off? Here's 7 ways to be sure you hire a qualified, licensed contractor.

7 Ways to Avoid the Roofing Rip-Off

Know your rights. Know the law.

The State of New Mexico requires that anyone who contracts to perform roofing services including labor and material, must have a valid New Mexico contractor’s license. THIS LAW WAS WRITTEN TO PROTECT YOU! It was implemented for good reasons. If someone performs roofing services without a contractors’ license, THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!

In most cases, unlicensed roofers do not have worker’s compensation insurance. They do not have liability insurance. They are not bonded. They do not pay City, State or Federal taxes. They do not secure permits when required.

All of the above can cause YOU grave consequences! When the roofer is unlicensed, you are considered to be their employer. You can be personally liable for employment taxes. If an accident or injury occurs you could be held liable for medical costs. You could also be exposed to future lawsuits. Roofing is a dangerous business! Don’t assume a potentially devastating liability by hiring an unlicensed roofer.


Your home is an important and valuable asset; you should not trust just anyone to roof it. Before hiring a roofing contractor you should follow these simple steps:
  1. Have the roofing contractor provide you with a list of references, including former customers in your area.
  2. Check the roofing contractor’s license. Make sure he has a GS-21, a GB-2 or a GB-98 license. Make sure the license is current and in good standing.
  3. Check the contractor’s complaint record. The number of complaints should not eliminate a contractor from consideration unless it is extreme. The manner in which the complaints were resolved is much more important and will help determine if you want to do business with this company.
  4. Inquire as to the contractor’s insurance coverage. Does he have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance and will he provide you with certificates of insurance?

To verify a license call the New Mexico Construction Industries division at:

CID Offices
Albuquerque @ 505-222-9800
Santa Fe @505-476-4700
Las Cruces @ 505-524-6320

Or the NM Construction Industries division website at

Do you have a problem that requires the Construction Industries division (CID) attention?

NMRCA Members: You can fill out the CID Complaint Form on line, print it and fax it to the New Mexico Roofing Contractors Association at (505) 884-0662. NMRCA will file the form with CID and monitor activity until we get an answer to your problem.